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There comes a point in every project when a house becomes a home. A vision unfolds into doors, walls, and windows. A dream becomes reality. Construction by Maya is your pathway to that point—a pathway along which every step has been

Looking for a reliable remodeling company?

Here are 4 qualities it must have.

You’ve saved money, created a budget, and now, you’re ready to hire a remodeling company. But how can you find a reliable remodeling company?


It’s easy if you know what to look for.

Here are the top qualities to look for, to ensure you’ve found a reliable remodeler:

1. A great local track record.

Any remodeler can advertise to multiple regions, but reliable remodelers know local permitting, inspection, and zoning requirements in and out. In fact, since every city’s laws are different, a remodeler who knows your area well (and hasn’t just listed it among areas where they’re willing to work!) can typically pull permits faster than a non-local, and without costly errors. In addition, a remodeler who regularly works in your area will know your City Hall and be friendly with the staff there, which can also speed up a job. Remodelers who know which desk to approach first, which codes to check and which inspector to request will make your project go more smoothly.


2. Full licensing, insurance, and warranty.

Always ask about licenses and insurance. Class A (general engineering) contractors have to meet the highest standards, and those who achieve or surpass them are typically the best. Read more about the classes of contractors here. Reliable remodelers also have umbrella policies and at least the required one-year warranty to protect your investment.


3. Proper plans.

A reliable contractor will create a detailed plan for your project. The plan will include important dates for your renovation, such as which days and hours the contractor and crew will be on site, and when you’ll need to submit your design selections and paint colors.


4. Excellent communication.

A reliable contractor will make you feel comfortable about communicating your thoughts, whether those thoughts are positive or negative. Not happy with the way a window went in? Having second thoughts about the pavers your contractor recommended? Being able to say what you think is the key to your satisfaction on a job, and can mean the success of a whole project.

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