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4 things you MUST know about kitchen remodeling!


Quick: what’s the most popular spot in your house? It’s where everyone crowds in after school, squeezes in at parties, and gathers close on holidays…it’s the kitchen, of course! And it’s the heart of your home. If you have the chance to remodel just one room, the kitchen is a great choice—you, your family and friends will all see and enjoy it regularly. Adding more storage space and a welcoming dining area can make it better than ever.

Here are 4 things you must know about kitchen remodeling before you start:

1. The top kitchen remodeling goals.

Remodeling a kitchen means more than just sprucing things up. Before planning your kitchen renovation, you need to know exactly what you want to accomplish. The most popular goals? Optimizing storage space (today, there are ingenious ways to get cookware and appliances off the counter), improving flow (so people can easily move in and out, cook, prep and gather at the same time), creating more usable space for cooking, prep and seating (look around now and see which areas of your kitchen are hard to use, or aren’t usable at all!), and updating your kitchen’s look in a way that harmonizes with the whole house.


2. How to maximize your home’s value.

Here’s a little math formula the pros use. Before you start redesigning your kitchen, weigh your budget against the worth of your home. If you renovate on a budget, yet your property is worth a lot, you may devalue your house. Talk to a contractor and estimate the cost of renovation at three levels—budget, average and premium—before you buy anything. You may find that budgeting a little more than you originally planned will yield a greater payoff in your home’s ultimate value.

3. How to pick great colors.

The secret to choosing harmonious colors is to first decide on your overall look. Is it going to be  traditional Italian? Contemporary? Spanish revival? All these styles have color palettes associated with them. Sticking with those palettes will yield the style you envision. An online search can show you your choices.


4. How to choose appliances and materials.

You have more options than ever, and your budget will determine the quality and variety of  the appliances and countertops you buy. Premium choices include built-in appliances, which will be custom-sized for your kitchen and provide a smooth, seamless finish. For an upscale, long-lasting and easy to clean work surface, consider marble or granite. Too expensive? Wood surfaces can provide character without costing a fortune (and look great even when they’re weathered). Visit your local lumberyard for the best pricing.


Most of all, enjoy planning your project and seeing it come to life! For more tips on kitchen remodeling, give us a call at TKTK

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