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How Bathroom Remodeling is Different from Bathroom Renovation

Remodeling? Renovation? They sound the same. So they’re identical, right?


Remodeling and renovation are actually very different from each other. How? Cost and scope. So while you might hear a neighbor using them interchangeably, to pros, they imply totally different demands and requirements. Here’s how to know exactly which term to use when you talk about your project!

Bathroom remodeling:

A bathroom remodeling, or “remodel,” focuses on what already exists in your bathroom. It either transforms the elements you have into something entirely new, or tweaks them to fit a new style or layout. When you think of a bathroom remodeling, think of looks.

Why do you need bathroom remodeling?

Bathroom remodeling is often referred to as a “facelift” or a “refresh.” (See what we mean about looks?) The goal is to revitalize your bathroom and give it a new appearance. When you remodel your bathroom, you don’t have to make any structural changes. A bathroom remodeling project might involve any combination of cosmetic, stylistic, or layout alterations, and a comprehensive bathroom redesign includes all three of these aspects.

Bathroom renovation:

When you think of renovation, think big. Like remodeling, it can involve small changes to the layout or style of your bathroom, but in addition, it includes major upgrades. Renovation helps revitalize or boost your bathroom’s usefulness.

Why do you need a bathroom renovation?

A renovation, also called a “bathroom makeover,” involves removing, adding, or changing walls.  Think “demolition.” Renovation could include, for example, removing the shower area from the cabinet area or the wall separating the tub. Or it might mean removing a drop ceiling and installing a pocket door. A renovation could add space to a bathroom by rearranging the home’s interior, or by building an extension on the outside.

Which should you choose: bathroom remodeling or bathroom renovation?

If your bathroom is in great shape and needs only small changes, then remodeling may be just right for you. But if you envision enlarging the space, moving walls or changing any of the structural elements, renovation is your way to go.

To make an informed choice, you’ll first need to figure out your spending limit and create a budget. Ultimately, budgeting for the best quality elements you can afford (even if it’s slightly more than you initially planned) makes the best economic sense—it will offer the greatest return on your home’s value.

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